Glückliches Paar mit neuem Wohnungsschlüssel
The first own apartment

For young adults

Ready to get started with your own apartment?

Before you start looking for your own apartment, you should be aware that living independently means higher expenses than living in your parents' house.

As a financial check in advance, you can check with the help of a plan whether you are ready for your first apartment. Here you compare your income with all your expenses. It is important that the difference is always in the plus to cover one-time expenses that may arise.

From the first thought of your own apartment to the handing over of the keys, we would like to give you some hints and support you in your planning.

Number 1: How should my apartment be equipped?

  • How many rooms do I need?
  • Balcony / terrace / garden?
  • Old building / new building?
  • Renovated or unrenovated?
  • Cellar or shed?
  • Fitted kitchen necessary?
  • Pets?
  • Infrastructure?
  • and much more

Number 2: I know what I want, but where does my search begin?

  • Internet
  • Newspaper
  • Notices
  • Housing company

Number 3: I have found a suitable apartments, how do I proceed now?

  • Find contact details or contact person and arrange a viewing appointment (with housing company employee or tenant).

During the inspection, the following should be taken into account:

  • How will the apartment be handed over?
  • Will any damage be repaired?
  • What services does the landlord provide?

Other possible questions would be:

  1. Cable TV or satellite dish?
  2. Staircase cleaning?
  3. fast internet?
  4. energy certificate?
  5. type of heating (district heating, natural gas etc.)?
  6. and much more.

Number 4: I have found my dream apartment! What to consider when signing the lease?

  • Naming and signing of all contracting parties
    (Check the information for correctness!)
  • Compare the details of the apartment with those in the offer (area, number of rooms, equipment, etc.)
  • Check monthly total rent (total rent = basic rent + operating costs (BK) + heating costs (HK))
    BK + HK are usually to be paid in advance and are settled once a year.
  • rent has to be paid until the 3rd working day of a month, after that you will be in default of payment
    (If you receive your income later, please discuss this with your landlord in time).
    Recommendation: Set up a SEPA direct debit mandate or standing order
  • Deposit is a security for the landlord in case of possible damages by the tenant (up to 3 net cold rents, payable in 3 installments)
  • Rental period is usually indefinite, the notice period is 3 months
    (The notice of termination must be received by the landlord by the 3rd working day of a month and always ends at the end of the month!!!
    Example: Receipt on 02.03. - end of rent 31.05.; Receipt 06.03. - end of rent 30.06.)
  • The house rules are an integral part of the rental contract and should be read thoroughly.

Number 5: Am I eligible for funding?

  • Vocational training allowance (BAB) is granted during vocational training and vocational preparation measures.
    Here you can contact the Federal Employment Agency!
  • Housing allowance is another financial subsidy from the state - recipients of social assistance, trainees and students who are entitled to BAföG are excluded! Information can be obtained from your district!
  • BAföG - personal requirements for the entitlement to education grants are basically the German citizenship or a listed residence status, the general suitability for the chosen education and not exceeding the age limit of 30 years.
    (To be applied for at the responsible office for educational support).

Number 6: I already receive social welfare or basic benefits! What should I pay attention to?

  • Until the age of 25, the assumption of rent is only possible under certain conditions.
    Please discuss with your case manager!
  • Before signing the contract, a rental offer must be submitted to the Jobcenter or the Office for Social Affairs and Housing.

!! Only after approval of the assumption of costs and crediting of the "important reason" you are allowed to sign a rental contract. If you do it despite this, it is possible that not all costs (moving costs, deposit, etc.) will be taken over !!!

Number 7: Now the move can come! Where do I register everywhere?

  • Residents' registration office (with presentation of a housing provider confirmation, which must be obtained from the landlord)
  • Health insurance contract
  • Job center
  • Employer
  • Tax office
  • Electricity provider / general utilities
    (To register for electricity, submit your stalls from the handover protocol to the utility company. You will receive this when you receive your keys).
  • Bank
  • Schools / universities / clubs
  • Insurances

Number 8: What do I need to look for in my new apartment and lease?

  • When you take over an apartment, you receive rights and obligations from the rental contract, which must be observed.
    (Please adhere to the house rules).
  • When acquiring a pet (excluding small animals such as hamsters, fish, budgies, etc.) you must obtain permission from the landlord.
  • Make sure that your visitor must also abide by the house rules and may not stay in the apartment for longer than 6 weeks.
  • If you want to sublet the apartment, discuss this with your landlord first.
    (Secret subletting may result in termination without notice).
  • You have a duty of disclosure and care. This means that you must handle the apartment with care and inform your landlord immediately of any defects or damage.
  • Rent and service charges must be paid in any case until the end of the contract.
  • The staircase is an escape route, therefore you should not place any private objects in this area (fire protection regulations!).
  • You have a partner who wants to move in with you? Then let your landlord know! Likewise if a co-tenant moves out!
  • Should you ever want to move out, you are welcome to suggest a new tenant to your landlord.
    (However, the landlord is not obligated to take this tenant).
  • Your landlord's claim to the deposit remains valid for up to 6 months after termination of the contract.